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Tippmann Airsoft

Tippmann Tactical Odin Paintball Speed Loader

Tippmann Tactical Odin Paintball Speed Loader

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The Tippmann Odin Innovation M12 Sidewinder is an essential piece of gear for every Airsoft player’s kit. With the quick spin of a crank, almost any M4 mid-cap
magazine can be fully loaded in under 5 seconds. The compact size of the M12 Sidewinder perfectly fits inside any double M4 mag pouch to easily be carried into the field. The capacity of this speed loader allows you to load twelve mid caps before needing to refill. Designed by an Airsoft player for the players, the M12 Sidewinder is the last speed loader you’ll ever need.


  • 1600 round capacity
  • Compact size allows the M12 to fit in a standard double stack M4/M16 magazine pouch
  • Each rotation of the crank loads 12 BBs
  • Integrated winding clutch prevents magazine overfilling
  • Silicone Noise Buffer Preinstalled ($14.95 Value)
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