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Black Bunker Tribe ID

Black Bunker Tribe ID

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The Tribe ID is the industry’s first recognition system adapted for gun holsters that visibly communicates the identity of the person carrying. The Tribe ID can be adapted to communicate any tribe, unit, force, team, group, belief, organization, family, region, state, nationality, place…etc. The Tribe ID is initially adapted to fit perfectly one of the most popular holsters world-wide ; the Fobus holster GL-2ND for Glock pistols, but it will be adapted to other holsters and brands over time.

The Tribe ID is designed and manufactured in Israel to military grade standards. The Tribe ID Platform enables for the first time an unlimited customization of the gun holster. Tribe ID has a US patent pending.

The Tribe ID comes packed in a limited edition version reusable zipper bag including 4 unique Black Bunker patches. The custom velcro patches are: Black Bunker logo, US flag, flaming skull & knives and the Spartan Warrior. *Valid in March only.


  • Flaming Skull Patch
  • Spartan Patch
  • US Patch
  • Black Bunker Patch
  • US Patch


  • Reinforced Polycarbonate
  • Fits Fobus holsters GL-2ND
  • For Glock 19, 17, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35
  • Prepared for 54.5mm patch
  • Modern and tactical design
  • Made in Israel
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