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Raven MEU Silver slide

Raven MEU Silver slide

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Brand: Raven

Weight (Pound): 2.87

Fire Modes: Semi-Auto

Length (inch): 8.66

Barrel Length (inch): 4.41

Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03

Rails N/A

Approx. FPS 300

Main Materials: HIPS Material & Aluminium


  • (x1) RAVEN MEU Replica
  • (x1) RAVEN MEU Series 21R STD GAS Magazine
  • (x1) Manual (x1) Parts Diagram
  • (x1) Spare GAS Nozzle
  • (x1) Spare O-Ring Set
  • (x1) CO2 Nozzle
  • (x1) CO2 Spring
  • (x1) Bushing Removal Tool
  • (X1) RAVEN PVC Patch
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