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Raven Hi Capa Dragon 7 Black BDS

Raven Hi Capa Dragon 7 Black BDS

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RAVEN's mission goal has always been to provide affordable GBB Replicas to the customer. The no-nonsense, clean-cut look of RAVENs Hi-Capas are a world away from a lot of other Airsoft brands offerings and are favored by those looking for a more refined Hi-Capa. Smooth clean slides hide a 6.03 mm inner barrel, and the finely stippled grip holds a double stacked 23R magazine within, with plenty of room in the gas reservoir for multiple reloads. Full length rails & fibre optic sights complete this simple yet effective GBB sidearm. The “big brother” of the Hi Capa 7 DRAGON takes things up a level with a split-slide design for snappy cycling. At over 9"" long this replica really is a "hand cannon".
  • Weight (Pound): 2.24
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto
  • Length (inch): 11.42
  • Barrel Length (inch): 6.69
  • Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
  • Rails 20 mm Under Barrel
  • Approx. FPS 328
  • Main Materials: Polymer & Alu Alloy
  • Split-Slide Construction
  • Fiber optic Sights (BDS Option Available)
  • Fine-Stippled RAVEN Grip
  • Full Length Accessory Rail
  • Hi-Capa - large Gas Reservoir


  • (x1) RAVEN Hi-Capa 7.0 DRAGON Replica
  • (x1) RAVEN Hi-Capa Series 23R STD GAS Magazine
  • (x1) Manual
  • (x1) Parts Diagram
  • (x1) Spare GAS Nozzle
  • (x1) Spare O-Ring Set
  • (x1) RAVEN PVC Patch Other Info/Specs *BDS takes
  • (x1) CR2032 battery


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