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Axis Skirmish ION Empire Odyssey Jersey - limited time

Axis Skirmish ION Empire Odyssey Jersey - limited time

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Axis Empire Odyssey Jersey created for ION at Skirmish Paintball!

Choose your side and buy your official team jersey for Skirmish's Invasion of Normandy (ION) Scenario game.   

Add your name and number for no additional cost. 

Not signed up for ION yet? Sign up now to play the largest Scenario of the year!

The armband will actually be the Axis team's color once the jerseys are printed. It's gray now since team colors haven't been chosen yet. 

The Odyssey jersey is the jersey of choice for professional and divisional teams across the country, especially in warmer climates. The Odyssey Series Jersey is designed for the competitive player who wants a more modern cut and likes to stay cool while competing - even in warm temperatures. Virtually the entire jersey is made of perforated, breathable material for optimal ventilation. The reinforced forearms offer extra protection and durability and the built-in hand gauntlets protect your palms while sliding. Designed and tested by players for the player!


    • Perforated mesh-fabric increases airflow
    • Reinforced forearms
    • Can be ordered with or without Gauntlets 
    • Sublimated interlock polyfabric construction
    • Comfortable V-neck collar design
    • Oversize raglan sleeve construction
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