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Collection: JT Bandana Series Proflex

The JT Proflex Paintball Goggles stand as a testament to innovation and enduring quality in the paintball world. Since their introduction, these goggles have revolutionized player safety and comfort. Renowned for their groundbreaking design, the Proflex series combined a unique blend of flexibility, breathability, and unparalleled protection, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Over the years, these goggles have evolved, incorporating advanced materials and technology, yet retaining their iconic modularity and user-friendly features. The Proflex's journey from a novel concept to a beloved classic among players reflects JT Paintball's unwavering commitment to enhancing the sport, inspiring generations of players to embrace the game with confidence and style.

Now available in a the unique Bandana Series, in different colors you can walk into the field looking your best while wearing the mask that many players think of when they hear paintball.