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Collection: EVS x Halo Too Bundle Sale

Tampa Bay damage proved the Halo Too Loader can still dominate at the highest leve of paintball with their 2nd Place Overall NXL Pro Finish for 2023.

To celebrate that fantastic achievement, for the remainder of February, you can buy any of these printed EVS Goggles and get a Halo Too at no additional charge. Goggle Choices are Seismic, Geo Grunge, and Bandito. Halo colors are Black, Olive or Gray.

Unleash your full potential with the innovative Bandito EVS x Olive Halo Too paintball set. Designed for experienced players, our EVS mask boasts a wide-view spherical lens for perfect shots, while the Halo Too loader has a belt drive for 20+ balls-per-second and the Freeway™ Anti-Jam for uninterrupted gameplay.