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Tippmann Airsoft

Recon S 14.5” Carbontech Black (Orange Tip)

Recon S 14.5” Carbontech Black (Orange Tip)

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The Evolution Airsoft COMBAT SERIES is a line of air soft guns that combines state of the art manufacturing solutions, a perfect exterior finishing and strong internals. Designed to perform on the airsoft skirmish field and withstand the stress and abuse of wargames.

 The Evolution Airsoft Combat Series airsoft guns are pre-upgraded, this means that all guns are equipped with high-end mechanical components such as a reinforced gearbox, reinforced piston with full steel teeth, reinforced steel bushings, reinforced steel gears and a very accurate 6.01 tight bore barrel for an unparalleled accuracy and extended shooting range. These guns don't need extra tuning but are a the same time a good base for further extreme upgrades.

The guns come with unique solutions like the pistols grip with tool-less access to the motor and the rapid access to the main spring and battery housing inside the buffer tube for an increased level of realism and rapid and easy access at the same time.

 The CARBONTECH™ material used for the body is a special reinforced technopolymer with a high percentage of fiber inside to grant a high level of impact resistance, rigidity, long lasting duration over the years. The Carbontech™ material also gives to the parts an unique look with a very nice matte finish.

These airsoft guns come with Rotary tube hop up chamber, a system that allows to precisely trip the hop up effect quickly and effectively.

 Each gun has an unique serial number laser engraved on the receiver, the 20mm Picatinny rails ensure compatibility with all mounted accessories.

 The guns are delivered in a protective box with carry handle that can be conveniently used to transport it on the skirmish field. A 300BB full metal magazine and instruction manual are included.


  • Length mm: 790/880
  • Weight Kg: 2.4
  • Air nozzle: High grade
  • Battery and Battery Charger: Not included
  • Body: Technopolymer Carbontech
  • Body Pins with retention system: Yes
  • Bushings and Bearings: Metal bushings
  • Cylinder: CNC Milled Aluminum
  • Cylinder head: Reinforced
  • Gear set: Steel
  • Gearbox: Reinforced, Reinforced with integrated slot for Mosfet and electronic trigger E.T.S.
  • Hop Up Chamber: Rotary type
  • Mosfet & Electronics: Mosfet ready, the gearbox has a slot to install the "Oversized Mosfet Unit" art.EA0160E
  • Motor :High torque
  • Motor Grip: Tool Less Access
  • Piston: Reinforced with steel rack gear
  • Piston head: Reinforced
  • Rail System: Technopolymer Carbontech
  • Selector Plate: Upgraded
  • Spring: High Grade
  • Spring guide: Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body
  • Tappet Plate: Reinforced
  • Wiring: High flow
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