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Collection: VForce Paintball Goggles

Experience the ultimate in goggle system innovation with our enhanced design, retaining all the revolutionary features that have made our masks a game-changer in paintball. The Grill 2.0 system is not just a mask; it's a fusion of mean looking efficiency and speed, designed for the serious player.

Key Features:

  • Quick Change Mechanism: Swap parts rapidly like never before. The Click Dry Foam System allows for a revolutionary foam-swap, ensuring your foam is always fresh and dry in an instant.
  • Advanced Lens Technology: The Quick Change™ Dual Pane Thermal Lens offers distortion-free optics, while the AntiScratch coating ensures longevity. The Spherical Lens shape expands peripheral vision, with an option for an Aftermarket High Definition Refractive Lens to eliminate glare and reduce UV exposure, available in various colors.
  • Comfort and Stability: Ultra-lightweight construction enhances movement, complemented by a Silicone Head Strap and a comfortable Chin Strap for increased stability and a faster-paced game. The Pro Visor provides added protection in sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Enhanced Protection: The Full-Flex ProGrill with its center face soft rubber area maximizes bounce factor, while the ultra low profile design reduces the target zone.
  • Improved Ventilation and Communication: Redesigned venting ensures breathability and clearer communication.
  • Additional Features: Includes a carry bag for lens protection and storage. The universal lens system is compatible with the original Grill. New Visor Design for a quicker snap-in system and Flexsoft Ears for increased comfort.

VForce goggle systems redefine the standards of paintball gear, combining speed, comfort, and protection, ensuring you're always at the top of your game. Whether you're dodging rain or basking in sunlight, your vision remains unobstructed, your movement unhindered, and your game unparalleled. Get ready to experience paintball like never before.