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Tippmann Reloader - Paintball Mag Filler

Tippmann Reloader - Paintball Mag Filler

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Fits Both .50Cal and .68Cal Paintball Magazines. Compatible with Tippmann TMC and Z18 Splatmaster.


  • Quickly and easily loads Paintball Magazines
  • Works with Tippmann TMC magazines and Splatmaster Z18 Magazines
  • Loads Magazines using a simple hand-crank load system
  • Converts between .68Cal feed and .50Cal feed
  • High Capacity; holds 375 .68Cal Paintballs and 1000 .50Cal Paintballs
  • External reinforcement allows mounting to tables or walls
  • Empty hopper can be used to store 4 spare Magazines

Note: This is a product made to be used with Paintball magazine loaders

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