Dynasty Team Odyssey Jersey


Odyssey Pro:

If you are looking for the best jersey in paintball, our new 2022 Odyssey Pro Series Jersey is now available to more than just the pros. The Odyssey Pro is designed for the competitive player who is rough on their equipment and wants it to hold up. The Odyssey Pro is primarily made of Velcro-resistant fabric that is designed not only to be more durable but also to hold color and print brighter. It features mesh side panels for ventilation, but the main improvement over the Odyssey jersey is in the more durable material. The reinforced forearms offer extra protection and durability and the built-in hand gauntlets to protect your palms while sliding. Designed and tested by professional players for players of all skill levels! 


  • Velcro resistant state of the art materials
  • JT's most durable jersey 
  • Prints brighter and holds color better
  • Perforated mesh-fabric in sides increases airflow
  • Reinforced forearms
  • Sublimated interlock polyfabric construction
  • Comfortable V-neck collar design
  • Oversize raglan sleeve construction